World Cultural Geography

Introduction: Currently there are 193 states(what we loosely call countries) that are recognized by the United Nations. These countries all have different origins and unique histories. Some were created through colonization, some came into existence after World Wars, and others have been created due to conflict and changing cultural boundaries. For this project, you will be creating your own state.

Directions: You must create a state using your knowledge of political organization and agriculture. This project has two parts. For this assessment, you must complete a paper that details various aspects of your state and a visual presentation that will give a unique overview of your state. When planning your state, you must include the following:

  • The shape of your state and how this negatively and positively impacts your country. Review chapter on Political Geography and Agriculture for state shapes and their meanings.
  • Where your state is located on the globe, and how this affects climate and agriculture. Make sure the latitude of your country corresponds with correct climate and economic level of your country. Review the Cone and Periphery Models to guide your choices. When discussing agriculture and climate, you will need to review the corresponding chapters.
  • What job sectors exist in your country and whether or not your country is a MDC or LDC.
  • The type of government system your state will use (unitary or federal); make sure that your state shape corresponds to the government system you choose.
  • Centripetal and centrifugal forces that exist within the state, and how these impact society. Include these forces and their impacts.
  • How women and men exist within the state. Is there equality? How so? Review the GDI and other country financial metrics.
  • What stage of Rostow’s Development Model your state is in. You must also tell the history of your state for each stage up to the point your state is currently in. Review Rostow’s model.

• What cultures exist within your state? Popular, folk or both?

• Explain the traditions, religion, language groups and ethnicity(s) within your state.

Grading: This project will be a major grade, equal to your final exam grade. You will receive one grade for your paper and another for your presentation.

Part 1: Written Paper: 100 points Your paper must be double-spaced, 3-5 pages long, 12 point Times New Roman font or similar, and include meaningful language with correct grammar, spelling, and mechanics.

  1. 15 points—A title page with your state’s name, your name and class, and a drawing of your state. This title page is not included in the page requirement.
  2. 15 points—Page length and format meets requirements; proper grammar, spelling, mechanics.
  3. 70 points—All points listed below are fully explained and supported (cite using course vocabulary)
    a. State’s shape and the shape’s positive and negative qualities to the state
    b. Location of state on the globe and how this impacts climate, agriculture, and economic level of the country.
    c. Job sectors and whether or not your state is a MDC or LDC
    d. Government system (unitary/federal). Make sure this correctly corresponds to your state’s shape.
    e. Centripetal and centrifugal forces and how these impact society
    f. How women and men exist within the state.
    g. What stage of Rostow’s Development Model your state is in and a history for each stage up to the point you have listed.

Part 2: Media Presentation: 55 points You will create a presentation using a media app (Explain Everything or, InShot other online source) from your laptop or phone. You may not use Key Note, Zoom, PowerPoint nor Prezi.

This project presentation should last no more than two minutes and include a brief overview of the information you included in your paper. THIS PORTION SHOULD BE BRIEF!

  1. 10 points—Colorful, creative presentation
  2. 45 points (5points per section)—Brief overview of each part of the paper—briefly discusses all 9 components:
    a. State’s shape and one positive and one negative quality of the shape
    b. Location and how this impacts climate and economics
    c. Job sectors and if the state is a MDC or LDC
    d. Government system
    e. One centripetal and one centrifugal force and their impacts on society
    f. Equality (or lack of) for women within the state
    g. What stage of Rostow’s Development Model the state is in.
    h. Culture: popular or folk.
    i. Religion, language, ethnicity

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