Working in a Healthcare Centre

Hello to writer, this is group project, there are 4 members in my group, and we split the assignment between us, I was tasked with figuring out how to create the buy in and conclusion, the other group members have already done their part, I will be uploading the power point, you will see that it is only missing my parts, please do them both, and for the conclusion, please include information from the power point as a whole.
An essential part of working in healthcare is being able to work effectively in groups. As more people telework, it is vital that you be able to work with your colleagues across time zones and adapt to some of the challenges that come with working remotely. Therefore, your final project is a group project.
In Week 1, you were assigned a Group. As a group, you are to complete the following project.
Read through the following scenario to get started:
Imagine that you are a healthcare administrator at a hospital in a large city. The hospital does not currently have any diversity and inclusion initiatives or practices in place. The chief executive officer has formed a team of her best healthcare administrators in the hospital to construct a diversity and inclusion initiative/plan with the intent of creating a more inclusive work environment. She plans on making diversity and inclusion a priority for the hospital in the upcoming strategic plan.
Your assignment is to:
1) Formulate a diversity and inclusion initiative/plan for the hospital
• The hospital’s current workforce data (attached) is provided as an attachment to this assignment; however, think beyond gender and race as your formulate your initiative/plan.
2) Consider adding the following elements to your initiative/plan
• Identify the purpose
• Guiding principles
• Communication and engagement strategy
• Timeline of expectations
• Realistic goals and objectives
• Measurable indicators for each goal
• How buy-in will be created
• Conclusion
Highlighted in green is my part, you will see that, there are two slides at the end you just need to fill the information and submit back the PowerPoint to me. Also, we are required to narrate the PowerPoint, and we must keep it under 45 sec, therefore, the speaker notes must be within that time when I narrate them.
Thank you for helping me with this, please I know it might be a bit confusing, but I tried my best to explain above, if you need anything before you start the assignment let me know.

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