Why do members of Congress behave the way they do?

Write a 4 page term paper describing what motivates members of Congress (e.g., parties, electoral concerns, policy preferences/ideology, interest groups). In other words, write an essay using the information learned in this course to answer the following question: Why do members of Congress behave the way they do? Some suggestions for your essay include answering the following questions,

  1. What shapes how members vote?
  2. What factors play a role in how members decide what committee assignments to take?
  3. What influences why and how people run for Congress?

You can focus on a specific behavior and explain what motivates that behavior or pick a broad set of behaviors and review what motivates their behavior in a more general sense. Your reviews should be based on the academic study of Congress. Students can consult the textbook, video lectures, supplemental readings, or any academic sources (books and peer-reviewed journal articles written by professors). Review papers earning a high grade will summarize the congressional literature and provide a coherent, logical critique of the literature. The central theme of the  text and videos revolve around:

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