What Influences The Decision To Adopt A Communication


The chief executive officer in her response stated that, “Aside from the fact that everybody is going green, we want to go green to save some papers; save the trees you know the global warming. So aside from the corporate social responsibility to also save our environment. We also want to reduce our cost of paper. We also want to improve efficiency. We deal with a lot of paper on each desk. We have about 12 staff in-between the offices. Before we started utilizing electronic companywide software everybody was working with spreadsheet so communication was a challenge particularly after hours. So in order to improve efficiency and reduce the delay
time, we considered using the electronic record.”

This explains that the decision to adopt a technology for communication purposes stems from several inspirations ranging from the need to go green and save the trees to the management
team’s consideration that it is a corporate social responsibility to also conserve the environment we live in, the CEO also noted the following reasons:

  1. The need to reduce cost (especially costs of paper)
  2. The need to improve efficiency
  3. The need to reduce the challenges of communication barriers during after hours because prior to the adoption of the software, the company used spreadsheets and paper timesheets and the flow of information became restricted and dependent on whose table or office the spreadsheets are at every point in time
  4. To avoid duplication of actions (sending two aides to the same client’s home) which invariably results in paying more (to the employees) for a single service
  5. And to reduce delay time.

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