Week 4 – Activity 2: Adopter Categories

For this activity, you will select two individuals (friends, colleagues, and/or family members) to interview in order to determine their adopter category. You will submit your interview with the questions used and their responses along with your rationale of the adopter category in which you placed them.  Compare and contrast their responses. Don’t forget to use the resource [Note to writer: Resource of Adopter Category Characteristics Word Document attached] provided in the introduction of this module. 

The format of this mini paper should mirror a chapter four of a dissertation to include:

  • the purpose of the interviews
  • the process for conducting the interviews (by phone, by skype, face-to-face)
  • an introduction to your participants
  • how long the interviews lasted
  • your analysis of the transcripts
  • and conclusions of their adopter categories.

Include the transcripts as an appendix to the paper and follow APA guidelines for formatting the paper.


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