Week 1 Discussion – Four Main Elements of Diffusion

Write your discussion post of about 600 words to cover all elements. Do not use textbook case studies for your discussion post. 

As you read in chapter 1 about the four main elements of diffusioninnovation, communication channels, time & social system – and the case studies presented, identify an example of a technological innovation that has diffused and has failed and one that has diffused and succeeded in a social system. Identify the methods that were used to communicate information about the characteristics of each innovation.

  • Describe how each innovation was diffused.
  • Provide information on the perceived attributes each innovation (relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, trialability, & observability).
  • How did the characteristics of each social system affect the adoption of each innovation?
  • How long did it take for adoption or non-adoption? (Remember the Scurvy case study and the obvious results of the lemon juice!)

In your opinion, why did one innovation fail and the other succeed?

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