Vulnerabilities,Impacts and Threats

BIGShop is a popular company doing online business. They are located in a country where government is strict in protecting personal information’s. Any company which neglects its obligations of protection personal information pays a large fine which represents 25% of the turnover. System architecture of the company is described .

BIGShop System architecture
The Backend server uses following:

  • Operating system Redhat 6
  • Backend uses Apache Struts 2.3.10 as framework
    Database server uses MySQL 5
    Analyze the above figure and the configuration and answer the questions below:
  1. Question 1: Identify at least 4 vulnerabilities for BIGShop systems (2 for architectural view and 2 for non architectural view). You must explain and provide CVEs if applicable. (10 points)
  2. Question 2: Identify 2 threats. You must explain and provide references to justify your point of view (10 points)
  3. Question 3: Provide 2 business impact for the company concerned? (10 points)
  4. Question 4: Provide two countermeasures to mitigate businesses impacts and threats (5 points)

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