Vibe Trend Scenario

MT140-4: Identify the implications of competitiveness and collaboration in a global economy.

Scenario (fictional):

Vibe Trend (VT) is a three-year-old music production company. They configure music from all over the world to be available through various media. They also create the original soundtracks for movies and television series. In the last year, they have had many client complaints that the company is not culturally sensitive regarding their artists or cannot relate well to their audiences, and some large accounts have moved over to other competitors who have a more diverse workforce. The CEO has tasked you as the new human resources director to address this issue. You take a look at the organization, and it seems to be populated with only white males—truly a monolithic organization!

Address the checklist items below in a minimum of nine PowerPoint slides with title and reference slides. Place any notes just below the slide. 

Assignment Checklist:

  • State the scenario, including the company name, business purpose, and issue presented.
  • Identify three ways diversity relates to competitiveness, providing supporting details in the notes.
  • List three implications of competitiveness and collaboration for this global company as portrayed in the scenario, providing supporting details in the notes.
  • Outline five steps the company can take to make their workforce as diverse as their customer base, providing supporting details in the notes (see Bateman, p. 215–216).

Unit 10 Assignment Template

Unit 10 Assignment Rubric


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