Various Roles of a Nurse Leader

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Please write one page paper addressing the highlighted questions below.
Please use 3 separate scholarly resources within 5 years to support the paper.

The Role of the DNP-Prepared Nurse Leading Scholarship
The purpose of this discussion is to explore the role of the DNP-prepared nurse leader and the various activities within that role.

Reflect upon your readings and professional experience and address the following

  1. What is the impact of the DNP-prepared nurse leader on today’s healthcare systems?
  2. How do you anticipate integrating this leadership role in your current or future career?
  3. In your opinion, what is needed for successful professional identity formation for DNP-prepared nurse graduates to achieve healthcare systems leadership positions?
  4. Examine your leadership style in your DNP practice change project implementation specifically. What is your leadership style in your practice change project? Explain your assessment of your leadership style and determine if it is congruent with the stakeholder team. Defend your reasons why it is or is not congruent. If not congruent, how might your leadership style need to change?

Notes from my manuscript
PICOT: In adult patients with mild to moderate depression at an outpatient mental health clinic, does implementation of MBSR compared to current practice improve depression symptoms in 8-10 weeks?
Intervention Plan- I, along with trained mindfulness instructors, will implement the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction intervention to participating 18-65-year-old patients diagnosed with mild to moderate depression. The group sessions will occur twice weekly (45-minute sessions) with one 8-hour weekend class during the 6th week of the implementation period. The lessons on mindfulness meditation and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction activities will be conducted at the clinic location and the participants can access the sessions through a combination of in-person sessions and Zoom web-conferencing platform sessions. The recommended daily self-directed activities can be completed by participants at their own homes or other location of choice. Week 1: Project Implementation begins with Participant recruitment and staff training. I will begin reaching out to potential participants to explain the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program, benefits, structure of the program, explain the time commitment, and obtain informed consent. Appointments will be scheduled for the in-person and virtual sessions. Staff training will occur which will include details of the project, timeline, and outline of training sessions. Weeks 2-9: The Intervention Implementation Begins. In the first in-person meeting, I will introduce the instructors, provide program materials to participants for mindfulness stress reduction activities are breathing exercises, meditation sessions, sleep support, mindful walking, and journaling. A baseline assessment of depression symptoms will be collected using the participant completed PHQ-9 surveys to assess pre-intervention data. I and a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner will be available to work in participant group sessions for 45-minute sessions twice weekly. These sessions, which focus on mindfulness principles and practices, will be conducted through in-person sessions at the clinic, but participants can also access the sessions through web conferencing via Zoom. Participants will be instructed on the daily 45-minute self-directed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction activities and in logging their daily activities. During this intervention period for eight weeks, formative evaluations will take place. I will solicit and provide feedback through discussions with clinic leadership in meetings, biweekly huddles, and 1:1 weekly meetings with participants to discuss any challenges and experiences and get guidance. As the project manager, I will review the participant self-reported usage of the mindfulness activities and journal entries for week-to-week assessments. Besides the patients’ self-report, I will rely on in-person and Zoom meeting observations and participant attendance records for compliance assessments. Week 6: Participants will attend a virtual 8 hour mindfulness workshop conducted by a me and the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Topics will include yoga, mindful walking, and meditation to enhance their practice. Week 10: Conclusion. I will wrap up the project, administer post-intervention PHQ-9 screenings, and thank participants for being part of my DNP practice change project. I will conduct one-on-one discussions with participants to discuss post-intervention maintenance of mindfulness, and celebrate achievements. I plan to utilize this time to thank every participant for being part of the practice change project and for their support. Week 11: Analysis of data will begin. The aggregate project results will be disseminated.

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