Using the Past to Help Us Understand the Present

This course is broken into 3 sections. After each section, there will be a discussion post assignment

Keeping in mind the saying “History Sometimes Repeats Itself”. Pick one event that transpired during the time frame in each section of this course that has some similarities to modern day United States (19th, 20th and 21st Century). Explain what transpired and then compare and contrast the past to the present. It must be specific event not a broad top.  An example of a broad topic is Racism.

You must post your topic discussion first then reply to 2 other student’s post

You must not use the same topic for the 3 discussion posts. Pick 3 different events

Your initial post must be minimum of 100 words and each response post a minimum of 50 words.

To find your topics, look at your textbook. Various topics are highlighted throughout the chapters. Use information from the video lectures and supplemental uploads. Then use internet resources to find a comparable event that took place years down the line in United States History.

Events can be picked from these categories

Religion – specific issues

laws, favorable or unfavorable

social changes,

 military and government actions,

gender issues,

class issues,

business/economic practices


civil rights/civil liberties


Foreign policies

These are just some suggestions to look for. You might find others. Pick specific events with these categories since they are broad topics

Example:  Great Railroad Strike in 1877. Workers on the Baltimore & Ohio railroads went on strike due to pay cuts and working conditions. Other Railroad strikes across the nation would ensue leading to a shut down of major rail lines used for commerce and transportation. Government sent in military to stop strikers and get the rails opened. Fast forward to 1981. The Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization went out on strike. This strike shut down the commercial airline industry which effected commerce and transportation as well as National Security. President Reagan would fire all the air traffic controllers and replace them with Military Personnel.

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