US Political Parties Comparison

Year 2020 is a U.S. presidential election year. Republican incumbent President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are seeking reelection. They are being challenged by former Democrat Vice President Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris in the November general election within a dominant two-party system. News media across the U.S. reported that Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris as his running mate.

Research the presidential campaigns of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden regarding at least one public policy issue that is important to you and then summarize their respective positions regarding aforementioned public policy issue. Secondly, indicate which candidates under the respective two-dominant political parties would better represent your issue and explain why.


Instructions: Use the chart below to compare and contrast how the two major political parties present their stance on major issues.  In addition, you should locate and compare a third-party website as well (your choice!). 

Note: You will see a variety of issues presented on the websites.  It is up to you which issues you choose to explore about major policy issues including: the economy, immigration, health care, taxes, and civil rights/liberties. 

As you are completing the worksheet, consider: 

  • How are the Democratic and Republican parties using the Web? Evaluate each party’s use of Internet technology.
  • How sophisticated is each site? Who are they trying to reach? To whom do you think their Web site will most likely appeal, and why? What image are they trying to project for the party (or candidate)? How successful are they in their efforts?
  • What improvements might they make to appeal to certain demographics?
IssueRepublican Party Party Party (Your Choice) Insert website used here

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