US Government Assignment

Course Paper

Write a 10-page paper, about our government. I would like you to select a topic, use both the textbook (Greenberg and Page, The Struggle for Democracy, latest edition) and other sources that pertain to your chosen topic and cite them throughout the paper. The structure will be as follows:

  • Introduction to the topic including background, history, etc.
  • Various points of view about the topic, show both sides of the issue.
  • Conclude with your point of view but use facts to support your point, not your opinion.

For example, If you chose the topic of voting rights and why they are important to our democracy. Discuss the history of voting in America, discuss struggle for groups to gain the right to vote, why certain groups voting rights were suppressed, what happened in the most recent national election, and what your own thoughts are about where the country is today on voting rights.

Double-spaced, with a 12-point Arial font. I would like to see references from throughout the chapters in the textbook.

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