Unit Plan: Foundation Assignment


Throughout the past assignments, you have been building components of planning within the Unit Plan Assignments. You began your ideas in your Unit Plan: Foundation Assignment. In the Unit Plan: Alignment Assignment, you created three objectives and assessments off of the SOL chosen in the Unit Plan: Foundation Assignment. You then took one of the objectives and assessments and built a detailed lesson plan and then developed a plan to differentiate that lesson. In this Unit Plan: Module Assignment, you are taking those earlier ideas and now building an entire module, or weeks’ worth, of lessons, for the subject and state standard you have been working with. You will include sample assessments/evaluations to support each day’s lesson.


The candidate will complete the Unit Plan: Module Template. Within the template, complete each section. You will create a class description and make sure to include a student with ESL and a student with a disability. This information should correlate with your class description in your Unit Plan: Lesson Plan Assignment. Create a week’s worth of block lesson plans for your chosen SOL as described in earlier assignments. Include a sample assessment/evaluation for each of the 5 days of instruction in your block plans. Utilize the Unit Plan: Module Grading Rubric as well as the Unit Plan: Module Sample provided to guide you.

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