Understanding Conflict Management Styles

Instructions: This paper should be 3-4 pages and in APA format. Use sources from this week’s readings/resources and outside sources when necessary to support your answers.

Part 1: Select two models of conflict from the textbook chapters and/or resources that are used in healthcare leadership. For each of the models, answer the following:

Describe the model.
What are the different conflict styles within the model.
What are the benefits of using this model?
What are the challenges of using this model?
Part 2: Download and complete the Conflict Resolution Scale Download Conflict Resolution Scale

Write a reflection about your results. Including the following:

What is your strongest conflict style? How do the others rank?
Do you agree/disagree with this assessment?
What are the benefits of your strongest style? What are the challenges?
How will this style benefit your future career in healthcare management?
Provide an example of past conflict to demonstrate how you used this particular conflict style.

Leadership in Health Care, text
Chapters 9: Ethical, Legal, and Professional Aspects of Leadership, pages 185-200
Chapter 10: Managing Conflict, pages 201-220



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