Underground Mine

Your company has been contracted by a large gold mining company to design and build a fleet of custom drones for their underground mining operations in Nevada. You need to specify the parts, cost, and applications of your drone that will be able to help them fill the mining company’s initial order of 10 drones and be able market the product to other companies for additional business opportunities. Your system should improve the safety of underground mining operations by reducing exposure to personnel conducting various mining tasks.


Your deliverable for this project is a 1-2 page memo specifying the parts, cost, and a narrative describing applications of your drone design to be used in an underground mining environment.

☐ Research available parts to build a custom drone for an underground mine
☐ Create a table listing the parts you need, the quantity, unit prices, and hyperlinks to source
☐ Specify the final cost of all components in US dollars
☐ Minimum specifications: frame, propellers, motors, ESC’s, flight controller, radio-controlled receiver, battery
☐ Your submission should be formatted to be clear and easy to follow
☐ Include at least one written paragraph to describe the logic behind your design (inexpensive? easy to repair? function of additionally selected sensors? easy parts availability? safety considerations? robust design? greater payload capacity? etc.)
☐ Be creative!
☐ Submit your memo as a PDF and your Excel file to Canvas named as: “LastName_FirstName_Module#4.pdf”.

Recommended websites for parts:
www.ir-lock.com www.getfpv.com www.racedayquads.com www.foxtechfpv.com www.robotshop.com www.amazon.com

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