UHD Social Work Program

This assignment is designed to give students basic practice of doing citations and references using the format of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).


1.) Review the following three peer-reviewed journal articles (full PDF versions provided in Blackboard) and pay specific attention to the sections of each article italicized and bolded below:

  • A Look in the Mirror: Unveiling Human Rights Issues within Social Work Education by Smith, Goins, and Savani (Focus on the Discussion and Conclusion sections)
  • Practicing What We Teach:  Incorporating Open Access into the Classroom by McCarty, Smith, and Goins (Focus on the OATI and the Implicit Curriculum section)
  • Assessing a Trauma-Informed Approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Higher Education: A Mixed Methods Study by Barros-Lane, Smith, McCarty, Perez, and Sirrianni (Focus on the Discussion section)

2.) Write a 1 – 2 page paper that is double-spaced, with Times New Roman font (12 pt) or Arial font (11 pt), and 1 inch margins.

  • Create a title page (first page) with a title that you create (use APA guidelines for student papers for the title page)
  • Next, write the main body of the paper. The topic for the paper is “How the UHD Social Work program cares for its students”. The 1 – 2 page paper should include both your personal thoughts AND information you get from the three journal articles. You must include some information from ALL THREE journal articles. When you include content from the articles you MUST PARAPHRASE (write the idea in your own words). Do not use any direct quotes. Also, use in-text citations for each sentence that you paraphrase (use APA guidelines for the in-text citations).
  • The journal articles contain a lot of information. To make things simple for this assignment, I recommend that you focus on the sections of each journal article that are bolded above. The information in those sections should be all you need to help you write this brief paper and to practice doing citations and references. (Note: all three articles are centered on the UHD Social Work program)
  • The last page of your paper should be titled: References. List all three journal articles on the reference page and be sure that you do it in accordance with the APA guidelines. This means pay attention to everything that needs to be included in the reference as well as what part of each reference should be lower case letters, what should be in upper case letters, what should be italicized, what should be indented, what order the references should be in, where the periods go, etc.)

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