Types of Governance Structures

Each of your essays should be a thorough response to the overall question.

Please formulate your answers into an essay and refrain from answering each specific question as an independent question. Explicit efforts should be made to incorporate and cite course readings and outside readings into your essays, to support your answers. (Sources may be listed at the end of each answer or at the end of your exam.)

While some of the questions may have “yes” or “no” answers or ask your opinion, you are expected to fully defend and/or explain your answer using the relevant research literature, textbooks, examples, or other scholarly means.

Question: You have recently been hired as a consultant to a city that is beginning the process of incorporating. As of now, you are unaware of the size of the city and will not know this until you have been retained.

The citizens of the new town want your guidance on what type of governance structure they should adopt.

Please prepare several recommendations regarding the potential governance structure, taking into account the state that the city is located in, the different organizational structures, the pros and cons of each, and any other factors that you deem necessary to consider. Would the size of the city change your recommendation? Explain fully.

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