Treatment and Discharging Outpatients After Surgery

To complete this assignment, write a prescription for a controlled substance (DEA Category II) for an adult patient following the guidelines as determined by Florida statutes for APRNs. This will be used for an acute injury (not terminal)
Please read the following case and write the Rx for the most appropriate treatment and upload your completed prescription document file (in PDF). Please use the pre-formatted PDF Prescription pad.
Mrs. Luisa Gonzalez is a Hispanic female.
DOB: 4/1/1967
She has just completed a surgical procedure and you are discharging her from an outpatient surgical center.
You are treating acute pain, and you expect that the patient needs 6 days of medication. You will prescribe Oxycodone as the preferred medication of your medical team for this type of surgical procedure.
She is allergic to PCN (Rash) and acetaminophen (skin flushing).

Format: Please write the prescription (using the pre-formatted PDF) as if it were being printed out and sent to the pharmacy for dispensing.
For the purpose of this assignment, you are already a qualified NP and your credentials should reflect this.
Your DEA number for this prescription is A55443322.
Be sure that the amount prescribed is consistent with what the Florida statutes allow.


  • Where should you write the acute pain or pain exception? It is usually best written at the end of the Sig, but as long as it is written somewhere on the prescription, we will accept it. Please refer to the Florida statutes for the correct wording based on the amount of time that you are prescribing.
  • REVIEW: Resource Article about prescribing controlled substances in FloridaLinks to an external site.
    Signature: For the purpose of this prescription, a signature with the PDF tool is acceptable, or a real signature and an upload. NO typed signature is acceptable.

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