Traumatic Events and Experiences

Over 80% of Americans will be exposed to a traumatic event and experience significant distress due to a crisis or critical incident. A crisis typically involves a temporary loss of coping skills and causes significant impairment in nearly half of those exposed. Personal crises, such as death of a family member or loss of a job, impact the ability to function in everyday life and affect relationships with spouses, family, co-workers, friends, and church members. Crisis response and crisis counseling are designed to help individuals cope with the stress or event experienced and to mitigate the threat of posttraumatic stress, critical incident, stress, and personal crises on the individual. This assignment organizes the information for the research paper into a proper outline.
You will complete a series of interactive exercises to master current APA formatting for the Research Paper: Title Page, Outline, and References Page Assignment.
The assignment will consist of:
● Title page
● Outline
● Reference Page
● Current APA format
● References from scholarly sources to include peer-reviewed journals
○ scholarly sources should be within the past 5 years
The Research Paper: Title Page, Outline, and References Assignment page with 3 references, will be submitted as 1 single assignment prior to the Research Paper: Final
Assignment submission.
The Outline
The outline serves as the primary structure for your Research Paper: Final Assignment. The outline will be submitted according to current APA format with Level 1, Level 2, and if necessary, Level 3 headings. If you are unfamiliar with Level 1 and 2 headings, refer to the current APA manual.
The primary objective of the research paper outline is to see how well you have conceptually developed the content of the paper based on what you are finding in the research. A solid outline is an indicator of a solid paper. The outline does not require content to be written under any of the headings; it only requires that the headings be organized with proper flow beginning with an
before developing your outline.

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