Transformative Leader Presence

Purpose: The purpose of this discussion is to apply leadership skills, including mindfulness, to manage and sustain a practice change project.


Understanding that the leadership characteristics you discovered in Week 1 are different competencies than management skills, describe how you might accomplish the following:

  1. Engage the project team through leadership competencies.
  2. Use mindfulness as a component of emotional intelligence to lead the project team.
  3. Influence an environment that will sustain the practice change.

Construct your responses using the CARE Plan method.

Use the writing CARE plan to organize the content of each paragraph purposefully

  1. Central Idea

Topic sentence, main idea, the one exact and precise point you are making in this paragraph.

  1. Authority

Evidence authorization that supports main idea, reference and citation, expertise of others, and example as evidence.

  1. Relevance

Breakdown the main idea and evidence, analysis, synthesis and comparison of contrast.

  1. Exit

Statement linking to the main idea and reflection of the importance of paragraphs, serves as summary/ conclusion

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