Theory of Injection Therapy

This case study evidence based review of the role of injection therapy in one patient’s management, so your job is to identify a suitable patient to use for your case study
1450 words case study
Now the aim of the case study is to demonstrate a high-level of critical analysis that enables linking of the theory of injection therapy to clinical practice And it should demonstrate concise academic writing, and it does need to be concise, because 1480 words isn’t much so usual words wisely and trying to make your sentence structure, concise and scientific. Thing to cover in case study.
Write about the case in 3 -4 sentences. Case you can choose frozen shoulder and say pt was referred at 10 weeks of diagnosis.
1: is to demonstrate advanced knowledge of general and anatomy and assessment skills
You can say: I have been taught one full course about anatomy in bachelors which gave strong basics about the muscles and joint structure. Then my daily clinical practices enhance it. Further strengthen by 2 online class and 2 day practical class particular from injection point of view. (150-200 words)
2: is to understand and discuss the contraindications
(100-150 words)
3: safety techniques relevant to intervention with injection therapy
(200 words- in general contraindication- briefly and detail about the case study related safety and contraindications)
4: to understand the requirement for application of evidence. It’s a reflective practice and CPD. (200 words)
5: rationale for the role of injection therapy in this patient’s management, including concurrent, rehab and aftercare management.
(300-350 words)
6: defence for using injection therapy in the chosen case and what is the evidence.
(450-500 words)

writing written in the third person.

It may include a short paragraph at the end that includes a bit of reflection, so that part may be written in the first person, but the majority will be written in the third person, and as I said before keep the content academic try not to tell a story it should be an academic piece of writing now because you only have 1500 words you need to use that word count wisely so just a few pointers in that regard the patient that you’re choosing just introduced them in one small paragraph for the beginning don’t spend a lot use a lot of words to
explain the case just a brief summary of the patient Don’t put a full description of what you did in the assessment, but you can include that in the appendix if you want to refer to the full assessment, pop that in the appendix, and make reference to it as appendix
one, for example, within your case, study, and you might want to use an appendix for other information or items as well that supports your case study content. For example, if you’re justifying the choice of steroid that you used or the dose, you may want to include the section of your patient group direction, your PGD, the support that particular dose for that pathology in the appendix, or say, the patient presented with no contraindications, but had the flu jab three weeks ago you may want to include a list of contraindications that you checked in the appendix within the body of the case study in order to make the content individualized to that patient you may want to include some writing and research evidence to support the timing of an injection post flu vaccine It might be helpful to approach writing the case study like a jigsaw, so do the edges.
The reference style Vancouver referencing style.

learning outcomes 1, 3 and 7:

  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of general musculoskeletal anatomy and assessment skills
  2. Understand and discuss the contraindications and safety techniques relevant to intervention with injection therapy.
  3. Understand the requirement for application of evidence base practice, reflective practice and CPD

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