Theories About Nature


(1) Choose and work with one to three partners/classmates in this project/signature assignment. If you cannot find at least one partner, let your instructor know immediately and he will assign you one. Only ONE of the members will submit the (essay or article) signature assignment/project in the designated dropbox within Canvas => MODULES tab BUT ALL team members must submit separately (individually) the completed (filled out) Teamwork Rubric located at the end of this document via TEAMWORK Rubric drop box located in MODULES tab.
(2) Communicate with your partners in-person (follow Covid-19 safety protocols) or via Canvas INBOX messaging system or other means like google docs, etc.
A. Choose ONE topic/physics problem/hypothesis (within your PHYS LECTURE course or PHYS LAB course; scope/coverage – check your syllabi or verify with your instructor).
B. You may choose to test a hypothesis or answer a physics problem about nature such as “Why the sky is blue?” or “How are rainbows formed?” or “Why 5G towers are controversial when built near airports?” or “Why do drivers have to slow down when approaching a curve on an unbanked (flat) road but not necessarily when traversing a banked (inclined) road?” or “Why do airplanes have wings and rockets don’t?” etc.
C. You may also choose a lab from your LAB class, choose ONE (1) lab from Experiment 1 through 10 (or so). Discuss how the problem/hypothesis ties with the data collection procedure. You may use the data and information from your lab report to prepare for this project or you may gather data on your own. NOTE: If you gather data on your own, follow lab safety procedures and guidelines.
(4) Make a topic outline how you will develop and present the theory/concepts of your project.
(5) Embed a video clip (1-2 minute or less) to your essay signature assignment/project to better explain your topic. You may obtain a video from YouTube but make sure to acknowledge your source. Follow APA formatting (7th edition) when acknowledging your source.
(6) Use the Empirical and Quantitative Skills (EQS) Rubric AND the Teamwork Skills (TWS) Rubric provided in the next pages as guide to fulfill the requirements of your signature assignment/project. Write your signature assignment/project LIKE an output of a research that you will submit to a group of researchers and scientists for peer review.

13) Your signature assignment/project MUST have the following components:
a) Identification of the Problem. Introduce the problem and elaborate to point out the strengths/weaknesses of the problem statement(s). Discuss what is going on in this situation for further or deeper understanding of the problem/hypothesis.
b) Formulation of a Plan. Provide a description how to solve the problem/hypothesis or create an equation or procedure or explanation that will provide a solution to the problem/hypothesis.
c) Calculation/Data Collection. Perform quantitative calculations to present the results clearly, correctly, and concisely or transform qualitative data (observations/descriptions) through analysis/synthesis (using thematic approach analysis) to interpret and structure of the data/findings.
d) Application/Analysis. Make judgements and draw conclusions based on the analysis of quantitative or qualitative data. You also need to provide at least 1 real-life applications to reflect on your learning experiences.
13) Cite your References following APA format – use Google search to find APA citation machine and learn about APA (7th edition) formatting or visit LC Writing Center for help.
14) This project must be at least 2 pages in length EXCLUDING the title, abstract with keywords, and reference pages with 15% maximum plagiarism check. Submit your project via Canvas => MODULES tab => EQS & TWS Project Drop box with plagiarism check. Use Font 12, Times New Roman, 1-inch margin, double-spaced, and each paragraph must have a minimum of 5 sentences.
15) Find a reader/critic to edit your work (or use Grammarly, visit LC Writing Center for help, etc.) before submitting the final copy of your signature assignment/project. In other words, ask for help to edit your work.
16) You will receive one grade (80%) for Empirical and Quantitative Skills (EQS) and another grade (20%) for Teamwork Skills (TWS) BUT they will be combined as ONE grade for project when entered in the gradebook. This coursework will be labeled/categorized as Signature Assignment/Project when entered in the grade book.

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