Thematic Analysis with Coding


  1. Analytical approach (thematic analysis with coding) needs to be further justified for this phenomenological study and show how it maintained the integrity of the analysis of each interview as a unique experience. Please expand on this in the Data Analysis sections in both Chapters 3 & 4 (no less than 2 paragraphs per section).
  •  Codebook Development: Requesting a codebook be developed utilizing the attached interview transcripts with a minimum of 45 codes.
  • Please update the dissertation in the Data Analysis sections in Chapters 3&4 to reflect the amount of codes from the codebook (45).
  • Describe additional study limitations with regards to each of the following items listed below and update the Summary Section in Chapter 4 & Study Strengths and Weaknesses in Chapter 5:
  1. Study Design
    1. Sample Size
    1. Sampling Strategy
    1. Data Source/Instrument
    1. Method of data collection
    1. Data Analysis approach
    1. Researcher and respondent bias

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