The Relationship Between Violent Video Game Usage and Youth Violence

  1. Assignment length: The paper should be no less than 9 double-spaced, 12pt. font, pages in length (excluding cover page). There is no maximum page limit set.

Assignment description: In the below phenomena complete an annotated bibliography.:
The relationship between violent video game usage and youth violence

Consider five different peer-reviewed journal articles that address the role various factors play in accounting for these found patterns of behaviour.

Format: This paper is comprised of five annotations (APA style referencing preferred). The five academic journal articles reviewed must be accessed using Humber library’s electronic database ( In annotated bibliographies, no introduction or conclusion paragraph is required. Each annotation starts with the properly referenced source listing (see Humber library resources) and must include the following information:

i/ A summary of the source, description of study conducted,
ii/ A synopsis of findings and analysis obtained.
ii/ The investigation’s strengths and limitations.
iii/ Conclusions drawn.
iv/ Your personal conclusions about the source

 Very Important:
NOTE:(In your write-up, you MUST include the why, who, where, when, and what as a NURSE) Reflect it on your write-up

No additional references page is needed as the references are included with each annotation in the paper itself.

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