The Musculoskeletal System

Focus is on the musculoskeletal system. Discuss how you will integrate these findings into your own personal Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) practice, and then explain important aspects of the research of the patient  which is a pediatric

Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH).

Use the White Library to locate two (2) primary, current (within the last 5 years), peer-reviewed, full text, scientific, clinical research articles relating to your assigned diagnosis. These two (2) articles should be research studies – NOT review articles or editorials or single case study presentations. Common research topics may include new diagnostic tools, clinical management (surgical procedures, drugs, genetic therapies, physical therapy, etc.), or lived experiences of patients (health-related quality of life, etc.).

For the  paper, please include the following:

Describe the condition.

Describe the research findings from your two clinical research articles.

Analyze how these research findings might impact your future NP clinical practice.

Pretend you’re having a clinic visit with a patient and their family who has this condition. Please state (using quotation marks) exactly how you would inform your patient/family about their condition, incorporating the findings from the research you presented above.

Use headings to organize your paper.

Please, do not use review articles as a clinical research articles. Here is the difference between a review article and a clinical research article. One clue that an article is a clinical research article and not a review article is that it may say “Original Paper” at the very top of the page. Many review articles will have “Review” somewhere at the top of the page or in the abstract.

Use this format, 7th edition APA and textbook Garzon Maaks, D.L., Starr, N. B., Brady, M. A., Gaylord, N. M., Driessnack, M., Duderstadt, K. G. (2020). Burns’ Pediatric primary care (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Science. ISBN-13: 978-0323581967

Also use other references beside the reference provided if needed.

Abstract: Briefly tells the research question, how the study was conducted and the results.

Introduction: Or “Literature Review” tells what is already known about the topic or research question.

Methods/Material: Tells how the study was conducted and will be very specific about survey tools, quantitative measurements, etc.

Results: Data is analyzed. Will include statistical analysis, charts, graphs, tables, etc.

Discussion: Tries to sort out the meaning of the results.

Conclusion: A brief summary of the significant findings of the study.

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