The American Healthcare System

Create a presentation representing at least six major characteristics that define the American healthcare system. Use an online presentation tool such as Prezi, Powtoon, etc. to create and present your information.  PowerPoint is acceptable too, however sometime during the quarter please learn one of these programs as they will advance your presentation techniques.   

In creating this presentation, consider how we can account for the fact that the U.S. spends almost twice as much as any other country per capita on healthcare and yet achieves poorer outcomes (e.g., below average for life expectancy and health outcomes).  Furthermore, give examples of ways in which the U.S. is working towards better health outcomes such as coordinated care delivery approaches like PCMHs or ACOs.

If in a video format, no longer than 4 minutes of audio.  If a click and reveal, make sure to address six characteristics that define the American healthcare system. For purposes of this exercise, the term characteristic refers to a defining feature or quality.

Cite your references in your presentation or in a separate Word document.

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