Tesal Inc Case Study

Using the historical financial statements included in the Excel file, value Tesla off of 2030 revenues and EBITD.  Forecast its income statement, funds flow, and balance sheet from 2022 through 2030 and then use these inputs to value Tesla.  Utilizing historical cars shipped and revenue/car, forecast revenues and then apply an EBITD margin to your revenue estimate.

Based on your forecast for its income statement, funds flow statement, and balance sheet, value Tesla using both the DCF approach and a terminal EBITD multiple based on your 2030 EBITD estimate.  Assume a 10% cost of capital.  Is Tesla fairly valued, over-valued, or under-valued?

Compare your valuation estimate using a TMV/EBITD multiple to what you arrived at using a DCF valuation approach.  If there is a material difference in value based on these two different approaches, what do you attribute this to?

Prepare a one-two page summary that outlines your assumptions and findings.

Please print out the valuation section of your model and attach it to the written part of your assignment.

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