Teaching Methodologies

Students are required to keep a personal journal/diary in which they critically reflect on the language learning experience which they are required to do as part of this module. The focus is on the teaching methodology and approaches used by the teacher of the language class. The journal/diary should be updated at least once a week after the language learning class. Based on this diary, students are then required to submit a 1,500-word essay (excluding appendices and reference list) which summarises their reflections on the teaching methodologies and approaches used by the teacher of the language class. The essay should use one of the critical reflection models taught and incorporate relevant literature as well as references to their diary. Students must upload the essay and the full diary.

Briefly summarise your weekly diaries but focus on 2/3 weeks and build on that.
Here’s a suggested structure with weight percentages for each section of the assignment:

  1. Introduction (15%)
    o Briefly introduce the purpose of the assignment.
    o Provide an overview of the language learning experience and the focus on teaching methodologies.
    o Provide an outline of the content of the assignment.
  2. Description of Teaching Methodologies (20%)
    o Provide background information of the course
    o Provide a detailed account of the teaching methodologies and approaches used in the language class.
    o Include specific examples and instances from your diary to illustrate these methodologies.
  3. Critical Reflection using a Reflection Model (45%)
    o Choose and introduce a critical reflection model (e.g., Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle, Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle).
    o Apply the chosen model to critically reflect on your language learning experience.
    o Analyze the effectiveness of the teaching methodologies and discuss your personal growth and challenges.
    • References to Relevant Literature
  • Integrate literature related to language teaching methodologies.
  • Compare and contrast your experiences with theoretical perspectives from the literature.

• References to the Diary

  • Reference specific entries from your diary to support your reflections.
  • Highlight key moments, insights, or challenges documented in the diary.
  1. Conclusion (20%)
    o Summarise the main findings and insights from your reflections.
    o Conclude with thoughts on the overall impact of the teaching methodologies on your language learning journey.
  2. Appendices
    o Include relevant appendices such as excerpts from the diary.
    o Ensure that any supplementary material is appropriately referenced in the main text.
  3. Reference List
    o Use proper academic writing style, referencing, and citation format.

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