Teaching and Learning

This assignment is to be done in pairs, one student is the patient and one student is the nurse.

Patient Education is one of the most important roles nurses have today. Patient education helps patients make informed decisions and improve patient outcomes. Lewis et. Al (2019) states that patient and caregiver teaching “is one of the major and challenging roles that nurses face in the current healthcare system” (p.52). Further, client teaching is recognized as a foundational nursing skill that can both promote health and wellness and help to prevent adverse outcomes (Lewis et. Al, 2019, p.52). At the core of client teaching is effective communication skills and an understanding of the teaching and learning process.

Overview: In partners, select a topic and client details (unique features that will be provided by your professor). The pair will research the topic for best current practices. Then prepare an education intervention session based on the topic. To do this effectively, the pair will need to consider and create a person with a knowledge deficit. Feel free to embellish and add to the case study as appropriate. The more realistic your patient is, the more realistic the teaching session will be.

This assignment is broken into two parts. Part A – Written Submission

Overview:  The pair will submit a written submission showing a thorough assessment, diagnosis, and planning of the educational session and complete a realistic teaching plan for your specific client. Max 6 pages (excluding title page and references, teaching plan), APA format, double spaced, Font size 12 (Times New Roman)


  1. Provide an overview of the scenario (quarter of a page)
  2. Write a paragraph for each of the elements of Basic Learning Principles (see Potter & Perry, Ch 20) a. Learning environment b. Ability to learn (Emotional, intellectual, physical capacity and developmental stage) c. Learning style preference d. Motivation to learn 
  3. Write a paragraph on each of the assessments that was completed on the patient. (see Potter & Perry, Ch 20) a. Leaning needs b. Ability to learn c. Motivation to learn d. Teaching environment e. Resources for learning 
  4. Write a paragraph on the planning of the teaching session a. Learning objectives b. Timing 

Complete a teaching plan (see Lewis Ch 4) a. Template included (available on the course outline)  b. Priority learning goal identified c. Goal clearly stated in appropriate SMART or SOTG format d. Identify three learning objectives that are clear, measureable and will support goal achievement e. Provide 2 relevant, reputable resources f. Identify strategies to evaluate the learning

Part B – 5 minute Role Playing Video

Overview: The second part of the assignment is to create a 5-minute video of one portion of the teaching from the teaching plan. Where one student is role-playing the Nurse and the other is acting as the client. During the day of presentation, the pair will provide a summary of the scenario, then will show the role-playing video. If a section of the learning assessment is relevant, then it should be summarized for the class.

Details: Select a priority objective based on your teaching plan.  Role play 5 minutes of the teaching plan.  Incorporate the identified and appropriate content outline, instruction methods and resources from your teaching plan  Integration of appropriate therapeutic communication techniques.  Include the method of evaluation in the video.

TIPS: The 5 minute video can occur at any point in the teaching – it does not need to be right at the beginning of meeting your client.  Practice, practice, practice. Students are encouraged to try different approaches and techniques. Try to be creative and ensure the session addresses the specific needs of the client  The role-playing session needs to demonstrate that you understand therapeutic communication including the appropriate use of verbal and nonverbal communication  The role playing should include the general teaching/learning principles.

Rubric is available on the course outline (available undercourse information in BB)


Examples of Teaching & Learning Assignment Topics

You can create your own topic but please get professor approval first.

Infant: Support the parents of an infant experiencing colic, Counsel the parents of a new born about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Toddler  Teaching the mother how to manage her toddler’s temper tantrum, Preparing the father of a toddler for toilet training 

Preschool aged child:  Supporting the father of a 3-year-old who is bed wetting (enuresis),  Teaching the young parents of a 4-year-old about accident prevention

School aged child  Teaching the mother about preventing obesity in her school aged child,  Supporting an 8-year-old who is experiencing bullying at school

Adolescent  Supporting the adolescent who is experiencing depression, Teaching a group of high school students about birth control options, Teaching a girl’s hockey team about sports nutrition and healthy choices

Young Adult and Middle Adult  Teaching the first-year nursing student about post mortem care,  Supporting the mother who wishes to breastfeed, Teaching a middle-aged woman how to prevent osteoporosis

Older Adult  Supporting the older adult who is experiencing ongoing constipation  Teaching the older adult about falls prevention in their home  Using non-pharmacological strategies to assist the older adult with sleep Supporting the spouse of an older adult in palliative care

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