Task 4 Guide

A1. Topic: 

Your topic should be the same topic you use in Task 3 and possibly Task 5. If you haven’t started Task 3 and do not currently have a topic, think about a work-related issue you might like to solve, either from your current role or one you’d like to hold. What would you change? Why does it need to be changed? How would you change it? These are all questions to think about, when you’re picking a topic. 


For this task, the two most likely choices for writing are essay or proposal. In either case, write in complete sentences, as you would any other task, and take a look at our samples, for an idea of how the same information can be presented using these two methods.  

A2. Significance of the Problem: 

Think of this section as an introduction of sorts. Before you solve a problem, it’s necessary to explain both why it is a problem and the effects. This is the first opportunity you have to convince your audience that a change is necessary and good for the company. Consider using information from one of your sources here or a scenario, to illustrate the severity of the problem.  

A3. Thesis: 

For Task 4, you have two options. You can either propose one solution and discuss multiple reasons why the one solution will solve a problem or benefit the audience. Or, you can propose multiple solutions to the problem. Here are possible thesis models, based on the two options: 

The best solution to the problem of _____________ is _______________ because _______________ and ____________________. 


The problem of _________________ can be solved by ___________________ or ___________________.  

A4. Course of Action: 

In this section of your proposal, you’ll discuss the solution or solutions from your thesis and how they will work. We recommend using at least one of your sources in this section, though you could easily use all of your sources here, to prove why your plans would work. You’ll want to do your best to make sure that your plans are clear for the reader. Remember, they will be looking for reasons not to make these changes, so be convincing.  

A6. Challenges and Rebuttal: 

The best way to show your audience that you truly understand your topic and plans is to present possible problems with the plans. In this section of the task, you’ll explain what might keep the solutions from succeeding. You could use information from a source here, to either illustrate one more reason why the plans will be difficult to install or in the second part of this section, when you explain how the problem or problems can be overcome. It’s not only important to show the audience that you’re aware of possible issues but that you’ve planned ways of solving the problems.  

A7. Conclusion: 

In five or more sentences, be sure to conclude the proposal by recapping all of the sections. Consider following the order of the parts you’ve created: recounting the severity of the problem, restating the thesis, recapping the solution(s), and explaining how challenges can be overcome.  

A5. References and In-text citations: 

The last section of the proposal should be a reference list made of at least two sources from Task 3, though you can include sources that were not used in Task 3, as well. Each source in the reference list should be cited at least once in the proposal. The Writing Center has many excellent resources to help with APA.

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