Systems of a Company

Assignment: Group Project
Students will work together in groups to research, write, and present a historical background of business ethics, and then evaluate and measure the ethical system of four (4) Fortune 500 companies. The companies do not have to be in the same field; it is better if they were in different fields. This project requires groups to:
• write an 8–10 page research paper
• create a 10–15 PowerPoint slide presentation with speaker notes
• complete the group member evaluation “Pay Day” form (attached)
Step 1: Research
The project will require groups to choose four (4) fortune 500 companies to research. For each company, you will need to research:
• What each company does.
• What the ethical systems of each company are.
• How each company evaluates and measures its ethical systems.
• How each company impacts the community or communities in which it operates or is located.
Step 2: Compare, Contrast, and Assess
After all of the information has been gathered, the group will compare and contrast the companies and assess a conclusion on how ethically effective or ineffective each company operates.
You will notice that the research process will be challenging, as not all of the information a company may have on their website. The group will have to find other sources that are located in the e-library that contains numerous databases with information on ethical systems that will relate to corporate social responsibility, triple bottom line, sustainability, etc. However, research on the selected companies can expand to other reputable academic sources.
Paper Structure
• Introduction
• Explain in 1 page the history of business ethics
• Evaluate and measure the ethical system of Fortune 500 Company 1
• Evaluate and measure the ethical system of Fortune 500 Company 2
• Evaluate and measure the ethical system of Fortune 500 Company 3
• Evaluate and measure the ethical system of (United Health) Fortune 500 Company 4
• Compare and contrast the ethical systems as a whole and how do they affect their local communities.
• Conclusion
Paper Format
• Use introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion headings
• At least 5 references of an academic or scholarly source are required for this paper. You are expected to use academic sources such as FSCJ’s Library and Learning Commons peer-reviewed database or Internet sources, such as: “.org”, “.edu”, “.mil”, “.gov.” Sources not allowed are Wikipedia, Dictionaries, wikis, or blogs.
• Use APA, 7th edition, writing style for in-text citations and each reference source that you use. Remember, all wording that is not your own must be cited. For APA writing assistance, reference Student Resources in the Start Here module.
• Limit the use of direct quotes. Direct quotes should not exceed ½ page in total. Deductions will result if this rule is violated.
• Use 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and double-spacing.
• The cover sheet should include group member’s names and course information
• Include a reference page in APA 7th edition style.
PowerPoint Presentation with Speaker Notes
Develop a 10–15 PowerPoint slide presentation with speaker notes. The purpose of the PowerPoint is to highlight specific points from your research.

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