Systemic and Structural Bias

Research Paper Assignment Topic
Create an argument about a form of systemic or structural bias (just one) in government, business, science, medicine, technology, artificial intelligence, or education. The assignment excludes media bias, whether advertising, entertainment, or social media-related–since it is the frequent focus of communications courses at COM.

Earlier in the course, we briefly considered data bias as it relates to medical implants and devices, as well as to science more generally. Then, you were asked to consider two of your own cognitive biases and how they are aroused by a current event of your choosing. For the research paper assignment, unlike your personal reflection Essay 1, you need to analyze how a particular systemic bias of your choosing impacts a societal institution and the professional practice that emanates from it. The focus is not personal, but institutional–societal, in other words.

Research Paper Length: 1750-2000 words (approximately 7-8 pages plus Works Cited); please stay within the assigned length, and please put your word count at the end of your essay. Only include the title and text of your essay in your word count; exclude quotations and course identification information. Use the naming convention First Name Last Name Research Paper.

Draw on at least 6 articles or books (print and electronic) to fulfill the research component of this assignment, enhancing the historical, explanatory, and argumentative aspects of your essay with reason, facts, and expert opinions.

At least 4 of your sources must be from peer-reviewed academic (scholarly) journals from the COM Library’s subscription databases with permalinks.

Here are 4 citations with permalinks for you to refer to:

Efrat Naaman, et al. “Examination of Inattentive Gender Bias in Medicine: Patients’ Form of Addressing Male and Female Physicians.” Cogent Social Sciences, vol. 8, no. 1, Dec. 2022. EBSCOhost,

Permalink for above PDF:

Anke Samulowitz, et al. “‘Brave Men’ and ‘Emotional Women’: A Theory-Guided Literature Review on Gender Bias in Health Care and Gendered Norms towards Patients with Chronic Pain.” Pain Research and Management, vol. 2018, Jan. 2018. EBSCOhost,

Permalink for above PDF:

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