Sustainable Competitive Advantage

[Company Name] case analysis


Include one (1) paragraph explaining what it is you think the company needs to do going forward to enhance their sustainable competitive advantage. Be sure to consider the following factors of good strategy. 

1. A clearly defined target market

2. A unique form of value you deliver to that market

3. Resources and capabilities needed to deliver that value (hopefully leveraging and improving on what the company has)

4. A barrier that will keep future competitors from imitating


Write one (1) paragraph articulating 2-3 pieces of evidence to support your claim. These should be case facts. Use information from the case or very relevant to the case to articulate your argument.


Write one (1) paragraph explaining why the evidence is relevant to your claim. These should be theoretical arguments linking your evidence to your claim. Use theories such as RBV, Porter’s Five Forces etc to make your arguments. For example, “In this industry the barriers of entry are very low which means new entrants can erode profits, by investing in patenting Company XYZ can create barriers of imitation that can keep new competitors out.”


Write one (1) paragraph explaining a counter argument to your claim. Pretend like you are now arguing against your proposal. What are the assumptions or weaknesses of your proposal?

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