Supporting Messages with Quality Information

When crafting professional messages we always want to be sure we are supporting our claims with credible evidence and sources. As we become immersed in our professional industries we often learn what “counts” as a relevant and respected source in the field. In the meantime, this section will introduce some readings and evaluation tools to get you started.

Please read this Ch 2-3 from Web Research: Selecting, Evaluating, and Citing (2nd ed) Radford, Barnes, & Barr

Once we feel more comfortable evaluating sources we can start thinking about creating visual aids to further support our ideas. Visual aids are an integral part of business communication, so understanding how to craft them in ways that your audience will find stimulating and helpful is pivotal. Below please find three resources for your review.

Witt Communications 10 Tips for using visual aids: LINK: Using Visual Aids | Ten Tips ( 

Witt Communications: Designing powerpoint for oral presentations: LINK: (Links to an external site.)

Creating effective visual aids (University of Waterloo):

Lastly, here is a list of apps and tools to consider when building visual aids:

16 online tools for creating visual aids: LINK:  8 Best Tools to Create Visual Content, and They’re All Free (

PART 1: Discussion

How does the message effect the method of delivery? Which type of message do you most often use in your professional correspondence? How do you see yourselves altering your message style, if at all, upon review of these chapters?

1: Please make an initial essay-style discussion of your thoughts on the readings (length may vary; should be several hundred words).

PART 2: VISUAL AID- Read “Sales Figures” attachment

Selecting the right chart:

Attached are last year’s sales figures for the appliance and electronics megastore where you work. Construct charts based on these figures that will help you explain to the store’s general manager seasonal variations in each department.

Once you have constructed the charts, develop a 2-3 minute video presentation reviewing and explaining the charts. You should have a minimum of 5 charts, and they must be visible in the presentation. You may use presentation software, such as powerpoint or google slides, to write the voice-over component please leave room for voice over.

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