Supply Chain

This week you will select a company of your choice that was in operation in 2020 and continue to this day. And create a diagram of its global/international shipping and receiving operations along with your personal description of what is flowing from one point to the next point.

Instructions: Read the course materials for this week to include Chapter 10 of the Hugos textbook and the Week 6 lesson. Select a company with global/international shipping and receiving operations using our online library and/or Internet. The company must be in operation from 2020 to this year. The 3-4 page paper should include the following:

  1. State the purpose and background of the company, and include a web link.
  2. Discuss the role(s) of the company within the retail supply chain. Big Hint: Include a diagram of the retail supply chain. An example is provided on page 20 of the Hugos textbook.
  3. Discuss the shipping and receiving operations of the company. Hint: Include a diagram of the operations using a process flow. An example is provided on page 166 of the Hugos textbook.
  4. Identify 3 possible problems or issues you see in the company’s operations.
  5. Discuss 3 solutions to these problems or issues.
    NOTE: Try to reach the company on their Contact Us web link if they have one. Most companies do have such a link.

Please remember to include a title page, in-text citations, and reference page in APA style. The title page and reference page are not included in the page count.

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