Supply Chain Management

WHAT will you learn in this unit & why?

Luxury Goods and Services
• Strategic sourcing of luxury goods and
• Customer experience management
• Quality Management systems
• Gray Markets and Counterfeit in the luxury
• Future retailing
• Sustainable goods and services
Supply Chain Management
• Fundamentals of supply chain for luxury
• Logistics and distribution channels
• Transparency and traceability – ethical considerations
• Project Management for supply Chain
• Digital Supply Chains – Cloud based platforms
• Digital Prototyping solutions for digital supply
• Digital solutions to provide seamless, end-to- end digitally driven global supply chain
• Made to order solutions for luxury brands

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit students will be able to:

 LO 1 Recognize and appraise global and domestic sourcing opportunities alongside the challenges of supply chain management for luxury (PLO3)

 LO 2 Understand and apply current luxury supply chain management trends, theories, practices, and concepts utilizing problem-based learning scenarios (PLO4)

 LO 3 Devise and present strategies which respond to the changing dynamics of the business environment supporting digital disruption, consumption, and the future of retailing. (PLO5, PLO6)

 LO 4 Effectively communicate current and contemporary solutions and recommendations, using academic written conventions and visual settings in a focused and coherent manner. (PLO7, PLO8)

 Detailed brief: 2500 words – Professional report with appropriate referenced images, referenced graphs, charts

Students are expected to investigate and critically research the feasibility of transforming a traditional linear supply chain into a circular model, with a focus on using end-of-life products as raw materials for a specific item within a chosen Luxury fashion brand. (You may choose a garment or a fashion accessory like bag or shoes but not jewelry or sunglasses)

Contents to include & flow of information:

• Introduction and overview of the Luxury brand under examination. (No history of the brand, you must focus on the rationale of your choice, market data, demand and consumer expectations)

• In-depth details about the product to be modified (e.g., denim jeans), including visuals and specific
information such as pricing, material composition, country of origin, and consumer packaging.

• Evaluation and critique of the sourcing and supply chain strategy utilized for the chosen garment, encompassing potential risks stemming from external macroeconomic factors.

• Proposition and full justification for the implementation of circular practices for the garment, outlining a strategy for sourcing end-of-life raw material/s, detailing the design and manufacturing process, logistics for distribution, packaging considerations, pricing, and plans for the product’s end-of-life stage

• Summary highlighting the unique selling points of this product in the market, differentiating it from competitors.

• References & Appendix

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