Summative Assessment: Ethical Decisions Worksheet

Complete the Ethical Decisions Table by providing a response and impact for each item in the “Prompt” column. Respond to each section using at least 100 words.

Cite at least 2 reputable references used to complete your matrix. 1 reference must be your textbook, Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, a textbook, or other sources of similar quality.

Format your references according to APA guidelines.

Ethical Decisions Table

Describe an event in which you made an individual ethical decision.Enter your response.Explain the impact of your decision. Enter your response.
Describe your ethical values.Enter your response.Explain how your values impacted your decision. Enter your response.
Explain 2 ethical theories.Enter your response.Explain how these theories would impact your future ethical decisions in health care. Enter your response.
Identify an ethical problem-solving methodology to positively impact ethical decisions in health care.Enter your response.Explain how you could use this formal ethical problem-solving method to positively impact future ethical decisions in health care. Enter your response.

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