Summarizing Source Information

In each course you take at Purdue University Global, you are part of a learning community. All members are working to strengthen their professional and communication skills and achieve their academic and career goals. Group discussion allows for new perspectives and personal growth. Discussion Boards are an important part of your learning; they provide an opportunity to asynchronously interact with your classmates and instructor.

Using the required academic readings and supplemental academic research, you will address the questions in the Discussion Board while adhering to the Discussion Board Rubric.

Access the Unit 7 Discussion Board

Review the Discussion Board Basics tutorial for a step by step overview of the Discussion Board posting process.


Topic 1: Summarizing Source Information

In your Unit 7 Discussion Board, you will apply your research and summary skills to incorporate one source into the first body paragraph of your Unit 6 draft to revise and strengthen that paragraph. Be sure to consider PIE strategies when you revise your paragraph. 

After completing the Unit 7 Discussion Board, be sure to continue to revise and strengthen the other body paragraphs in your Unit 6 Assignment. Locate and incorporate source information into each paragraph to support and validate your ideas and prepare for success in Unit 8. 

Use the following downloadable Body Paragraph Revision Chart to create a plan to revise and strengthen the first body paragraph in your Unit 6 Assignment by including summarized source information to support the topic sentence of that paragraph. Then, copy and paste your completed chart to the Discussion Board.

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