Strategic Technology Plan for Data Loss Prevention

By now, you have an idea of your team members and your role on the team project. Now, it’s time to get the details about the devices and technologies needed to be included in the Strategic Technology Plan for Data Loss Prevention.

You should limit the scope of this project by selecting a set of devices and technologies that are most appropriate for data loss prevention for your business mission and future success. Based on your prior knowledge of your company and based on the project roles you agreed upon in the previous step, perform independent research on the following topics and identify a set of devices and technologies that you propose for your company, and your business rationale for selecting them:


*internet of things (IoT)–iot-.html?ou=632587

*data loss prevention that covers:

*data loss prevention

big data analytics

*big data integrity


*data obfuscation

data masking

operational context/context-aware security

data tokenization


*data governance

Your team plan should include significant detail about these technologies, including what kinds of IoT devices will be appropriate for the company’s use. During your research, you should also see if there might be any issues for integration and implementation, which you will consider in greater detail in a later step in the project.

When you’ve finished detailing the proposed devices and technologies, move to the next step, where the team will outline its goals on how the devices and technologies will ensure the company is prepared for future vulnerabilities.

You and your team have completed the lab where you updated the company’s data-flow chart with the various systems. In this step, you will consider some overall issues for implementation. People, process, and data governance are some of the most important aspects of deploying technology. During this step, think about what processes might already be in place and what changes will be required by the introduction of the new devices and technologies. Think of governance, personnel changes, hiring, and training requirements for users and systems administrators. Determine any gaps or shortcomings that will need to be addressed now or in the future. Think of what accommodations are needed to handle the new technology being deployed in the network.

This is an important aspect of the Strategic Technology Plan for Data Loss Prevention. When it’s complete, it’s time for the team members to complete the report.

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