Strategic Plan Oral Presentation

Please submit the ppt highlighting critical parts of your Strategic Plan. Please follow the ppt outline provided below.

Remember you want to use only a few words/bullets per slide with charts and supporting data plus interpretation and conclusions in the Notes.

A twenty-minute presentation (20 min) will be about 14 slides. To keep it short you will only include the relevant facts that will impact your ability to reach your strategic objectives.

The oral presentation should follow the attached integrated strategic plan. The presentation will be evaluated by how well you demonstrated competencies in the 6 MBA learning goals, highlighted in blue below. 

In addition, I do have some specific requirements in mind.

Clearly, the benchmark for this work is the sort of quality presentation you would like to give in a business setting. But it differs, as well.

In this presentation, unlike a traditional business setting, you need not come prepared to answer the level of detailed operational questions about the business that one is expected to master in business settings. Instead, it should show how you have demonstrated the 5 MBA learning goals in your full written plan; The 6th one, Managerial Communications will be evaluated as you present your plan.  I will look for only a few words on page and for proper citations.   For the remaining 5, start with Strategic Integration and Global Understanding. Show the tools that helped you develop your strategic direction and why you decided on the corporate, business level, and “world market” strategies that you felt would sustain the firm’s competitive advantage.  You will then have five slides, one that demonstrates each of your Disciplinary Knowledge:  One for Marketing (can include competitive analysis as well); one for Operations Management;   one for Information Systems and how it supports the operations of the organization; one for HR; and one for financial management.   Be sure to relate how each discipline supports the corporate and business level strategies that you identified earlier.   Your next slide should show how Leadership and leadership style has provided the best use of the firm’s resources to support the strategic direction of the firm.  Finally, your last slide should show how you considered Ethical Reasoning in your plan and its impact on the success of the plan. (Number of slides mentioned in this section is just a minimum guideline; total should still be 14).

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