Strategic Functions of Specific Visual Communication Mediums

Learning outcomes:

LO3: Evaluate the strategic functions of specific visual communication mediums.

LO4: Design a visual communication component that advances strategic communication goals.


1. Instructions and guidelines (Read carefully)


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1.    There are 8 pages and 2 questions in this assignment.

2.    Make sure that you have carefully read and fully understood the questions before answering them. Answer the questions fully but concisely and as directly as possible. Follow all specific instructions for individual questions (e.g., “list”, “in point form”).

3.    Answer all questions in your own words. Do not copy any text from the notes, readings or other sources. The assignment must be your own work only.


This ongoing project is comprised of two questions, each submitted in a different format. You must ensure that both your answers to Question 1 and Question 2 have been submitted by the deadline for this project.

Question 1 is a written rationale that you will compose in this document in a similar way to your previous ongoing projects.

Question 2 is your visual communication presentation. You will need to create this presentation using either offline presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, or online presentation software, such as Google Slides.

There will be more information about how to submit your Question 2 presentation later in this document.

Question 1

In written format, provide your rationale for choosing the structure and content of your presentation and explain the strategic planning that went into your design. You may find it easier to complete part of Question 1 first, work on your actual presentation in Question 2, and then return to complete Question 1. Ensure that both questions are complete and aligned before submitting your ongoing project.

Your written rationale should include the following:

  • Who your viewers are
  • The goal of your presentation, or what you need to persuade these people of
  • How this presentation will assist you in advancing your larger campaign goals, or why you need to make this presentation
  • The overall design approach you have taken in your presentation. How would you describe your presentation method, and why would that method be persuasive for your viewers? Focus on explaining the greater visual design trends and strategic approach for your presentation. You should also explain how your chosen mediums for your visuals are strategically effective for your presentation. You will have the opportunity to explain specific slides in more detail in your presentation itself.

(Max. 500 words)

Start writing here:

Question 2

Create the visual elements for a presentation you plan to make for your internal stakeholders or audiences. This presentation should accomplish the goal you described in Question 1.

Remember to think of this presentation as part of a pitch, proposal or planning meeting where you persuade your audience that your idea or plan should be implemented. You are under no obligation to share any information in this presentation that you would feel uncomfortable sharing outside of your organization. However, the more relevant you can make your presentation to your context, the more valuable it will be for you to use in practice.

You can create your visual presentation using either Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. You should design your presentation with the following considerations in mind:

  • There is no limit on how many slides you may use in your presentation, but each slide must serve a clear strategic purpose.
  • If the strategic purpose of your slide is not immediately clear to the learning facilitator grading your presentation, use the space provided for presenter notes at the bottom of each slide to provide useful context for specific slides, or to indicate how you would speak to that slide during your presentation.
  • Strategically consider your use of color, text and shapes in the presentation.
  • Include images and data visualizations relevant to your audience.
    • You could use images that aid your storytelling, or you could include images of samples from your communication campaign that you want to use to persuade your viewers.

Both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides contains tools for creating data visualizations. In Google Slides, these tools are accessed from the “Insert” menu, and then the “Chart” and “Diagram” sub-menus. In Microsoft PowerPoint, these tools are accessed from the “Insert” menu, and then the various options under the “Illustrations” sub-menu, including “SmartArt” and “Chart.”

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