South Africa: The rise and fall of apartheid

Book Review 2

Nancy L. Clark and William H. Worger, South Africa; The rise and fall of apartheid, Third Edition (London: Routledge, 2016).

Instructions: You will write a 3–4-page paper that answers the prompt. You must use Chicago Manual of Style footnotes for citations. See the “Guide on Writing Papers” for more information.

Prompt: What was Apartheid? How did it come to be, what were its contradictions, and how did it collapse? Your answer should use both the narrative from the main body of the text and the documents in part four of the book.

Length: 3-4 pages (no title page or bibliography).

Academic Honesty:

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This is not a group project. Your paper must be your original work and yours alone. This paper does not require using sources outside of the assigned readings; use of any outside source, including Wikipedia, is strictly prohibited.

Perfect Papers: Everything “A” papers have, while also being of the finest quality and showing maximum effort. 100/100 points

“A” Papers: Identify and elaborate on the main themes of the book, convey a detailed understanding of the prompt and the content of the book, and contain few if any spelling or grammar errors. 94/100 points

“B” Papers: Resemble “A” papers, but may contain numerous spelling or grammar errors, or not quite represent a full understanding or articulation of the prompt or book content. 87/100 points

“C” Papers: Identify some book themes, represent a decent but incomplete understanding of the content of the book or prompt, and may contain numerous spelling and grammar errors. 78/100 points

“D” Papers: Fail to identify the prompt or book content or both, show a cursory at best reading of the book, and may contain numerous spelling and grammar errors. 67/100 points

“F” Papers: Are hastily composed, incomplete papers that may indicate a partial reading of the book and a poor understanding of the prompt. 53/100 points

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