Please read the essay questions listed below and make sure that you provide compete answers to both questions. The essays you are required to complete must be typed, and include a cover page and a bibliography of the readings used to complete your answers. Moreover, please follow the writing structure/ organization that I have prescribed for the writing of essays (see the writing handout #1 posted on Beachboard for guidelines). Finally, use 12” font size as you type and a 1” margin on all sides of each page. Your completed essays should be uploaded as single pdf or word file. Remember that I am available during office hours to assist you with the assignment and comprehension of the reading material.



One of the major works written by Emile Durkheim is The Division of Labor in Society, published in 1893. In this book he discusses the organization of labor, social solidarity, and the ways modern society must maintain social cohesion and order. Based on your analysis of Durkheim’s book, write an essay which a) presents his key theoretical arguments and concepts; and b) examines the strengths and/or limitations of his arguments. As you conclude your essay, consider how Durkheim’s theoretical insights might be used to understand contemporary society. Consider using at least one example which will help illustrate how Durkheim’s concepts apply to contemporary society.


Emile Durkheim’s contributions to sociological theory come from several publications beyond the Division of Labor in Society. His books include The Rules of the Sociological Method (1895), Suicide (1897), The Elementary Forms of Religious Life (1912), and Moral Education (1925). Based on what you have read about these four additional works, write an essay in which you compare and contrast two of these works and their theoretical contributions to our understanding of society. What works did you choose and why? What are the key theoretical concepts and arguments presented by Durkheim in the two works you have chosen? And, what are your critiques or supportive arguments about the works you have compared?

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