Social Theory

Demonstrate your ability to apply social theory by analyzing a scene or encounter from a move or television show.
Select a specific scene or encounter from a favorite movie or television show (it could range from a simple family gathering, workplace setting, or social outing among two or more people, to something more dramatic in various public or private settings). After briefly describing the scene (outline the setting, main characters/participants and other present, and the events being depicted), provide a sociological explanation of the scene or event.
In doing so, begin with a brief description of how this scene or events being depicted might be explained by three different theorists or theoretical perspectives (select those that you consider to be most useful for understanding sociological elements of the scene or encounter you have selected). Discuss in your paper how and in what ways each of the three approaches would be useful in making sense of the scenario or selected aspects within it. It is important to provide explicit examples to demonstrate which specific concepts and theoretical elements are useful for understanding the scenario.
Conclude your discussion by identifying which of these theories you consider to be most useful for explaining the scene of encounter you describe. Justify your response with reference to specific theoretical insights and understandings, substantiated with specific examples of how the theory could be applied in the analysis of the scenario.
Format and guidelines:
Your assignment is to be presented in essay form (maximum of 1500 words). Your paper should include a clear introduction (stating your objective, question, central thesis, and organization of paper), logically organized body (elaborating your arguments relative to your overall thesis) and conclusion (clearly summarizing but not repeating what you have accomplished in your paper).
In addition to the main body of the paper, include a title/cover page and bibliography/reference list (these are not counted as part of the word limit).
Ensure that you provide evidence to support your main points and conclusions, and that your sources, including course texts and readings, are fully cited. The format and citation must follow a recognized style employed in the social sciences.

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