Social Security System

Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to classmates or your faculty member.

While Social Security has provided a type of safety net for millions of people, there are still many at-risk groups who are inadequately served by this program. Research one of these at-risk groups before responding to this week’s discussion.

Due Thursday
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
• Briefly summarize the group you researched.
• Describe a problem this group faces related to the Social Security system and the benefits they receive.
• How might the current system be modified to address the specific issues faced by this group?
• How might social workers use their knowledge and expertise to support at-risk populations?

Cite at least 1 scholarly source to support your thinking.

Social Security is very important to be able to get once you reach the age that you are able to start claiming it. Sometimes there are people who can not claim to get the Social Security but are at high risk and they need to be able to claim the money. One of these group of people are someone who works too few social security credits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines “enough work” as earning 40 Social Security credits. More specifically, in 2022, an individual receives one credit for each 1,510 in income, and they can earn maximum if four credits per year. So 40 credits are roughly equal to 10 years of work.( The problem with this group is if they are working but part time they most likely will not be able to get any credits for working and will not be able to get the Social Security credits. They would be still be able to get some benefits they able be able to get is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or even Medicaid. The current system could be modified by looking at each case differently and understanding where they are coming from. Looking at if they are working and how many hours they are working also looking into if they have some kind of handicap that will not allow them to work too many hours due to the handicap. I think that they need to treat each case differently by looking into the cases and understanding where the person is coming from. As a social worker you can help the person at risk for not getting Social Security but helping get the other resources that can help them be able to help to get through. I would also help them fill out the paperwork to see if they may have filled out something wrong on the paperwork. I, myself would try other resources in the community for them to see if they could help fill out the paperwork or even help them find a job to be able to work more hours to get the Social Security. Also going with them to the Social Security office to better understand what they need to do to be able to get the Social Security.
Social security is an important benefit for Americans. I appreciate that you’ve thought about how to best help clients capitalize on this. Class, what are possible barriers that some clients may face when trying to get social security? How can we as social workers help them overcome these barriers?

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