Sex and Race

Each question must be answered with at least one in-text citation, including page numbers for each question. Use tall of the attached sources only.

  1. Discuss religio-sexual racism, caste, and religion, sex, and gender in genocides.
  2. What is religio-sexual racism?
  3. What are some examples of religio-sexual racism?
  4. What is caste?
  5. How is caste a structure into which one is born? How does the concept of caste emerge out of the Laws of Manu?
  6. How does Isabel Wilkerson deploy the concept of caste in Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents?
  7. How is caste defined and shaped by its hereditary features, endogamy, notions of purity and impurity/pollution, and prohibitions against ‘mixing’ (sex, reproduction, and/or marriage) in the United States, Nazi Germany, and India. What is endogamy? How and why is endogamy a central pillar to caste?
  8. How can religion become ‘racialized’ under caste? How are sacred texts used to authorize and maintain caste?
  9. What are the different roles that religion, sex, and gender play in genocides? How do sex and gender factor into genocides?
  10. Why is it important to consider sex and gender when studying and analyzing genocides? What do you think of the term ‘gendercide’?
  11. Do you think this is a useful/effective term?
  12. How did the genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda change the fields of genocide studies and Holocaust studies, especially the study of gender and genocide?

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