Setting, Symbols, Themes and Characters

Assignment Question:

-Use George Orwell’s text, 1984 to outline/track three of the general characteristics of dystopian literatures

Module outcome : To explore how dystopian are employed in speculative fiction to portray imagined futures or alternate realities in order to comment on current socio economic- political conditions.

To understand to what extent dystopian literatures rely on the concept of utopia.

 In order to receive a sound assessment for the task you will:

  1. Be informed of Dystopian literatures and Speculative Fiction
  2. You will ploy or arrange issues as they appear in 1984, against or next to characteristic of dystopian literatures(in paragraphs form) keep to only three issues
  3. You will provide informed and cited comment on current events locally (in South Africa) and globally in your discussion of  dystopian characteristics as they appear to us in 1984, in order to examine the concept of dystopia and so as to show your understanding of the comment Orwell makes on socio- economic- political condition in the dystopian characteristics that you have chosen to plot

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