Service Operations Management Paper

This is Service Operations Management (Masters level) paper. This should be application based with critical analysis throughout the paper using a case study to meet the requirements of the task.


1. Select a service operation or activity (not an industry or an entire institution)–for example, you cannot choose ‘Starbucks’ as that is too broad. The operation chosen must have some obvious problems to be addressed. Also  a ‘ready-made’ case cannot be used–the case study must be original as well as the analysis of the case study. Note: Singapore Airlines cannot be chosen.

2. Identify operational challenges or problems that need to be addressed within the operation, and state why they need to be addressed as well as in order or priority with clear rationale.

3. Provide a rationale for your choice of tools and methods– choose 2 or 3 topic areas (see list in section called: ‘Course Topic Areas’) and use relevant theories, concepts, tools and techniques to address the problems identified. State why the analytical material chosen is appropriate for addressing the issues identified. Analysis should be focused, in depth and critical–it should not broad and overly descriptive. The work should be insightful. 

4. Collect data/information  – analysis should be based on data gathered from observation, public domain information, and from any secondary sources that might be available. Primary source surveys, interviews or questionnaires are not necessary; however, if these can be sourced as secondary data, they may be used. You should explain your methodology for data collection and analysis clearly in the body of the report.

Please do not include any raw data in the main body of the report. If you feel the need to include lots of data, put the data in an appendix.

5. Analyse the service operation — The analysis of the information should be provided in the body of the report. The following are some key journals where you could focus your additional research:

– Journal of Service Management

– The Service Industries Journal

– Journal of Service Research

– Journal of Service Theory and Practice

– Service Business

– International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research

– International Journal of Public Sector Management

6. Evaluate the operation and the theory — Based on the analysis conducted, what can you say about the operation and the tool/concept/ technique? What recommendations would you make about how to improve the operation and the tool/concept/technique? How robust/valid are your recommendations?

***Marking Rubric***

Application of Service Management Concepts – 30

Quality of Analysis – 30

Arguments & Critical Engagement – 20

Wider Reading and Substantiation – 10

Organisation and Structure – 10

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