Seminar in Emerging Computer and Information Technology Research Paper

Each student is to select two-three emerging information technologies and write a five-page (minimum) paper pertaining to those technologies and the impacts these technologies are having and will have in the future.  Please feel free to include your own opinion. (the technologies can be the same)

The paper must include the following:

  1. A review of each technology
    1. Why you chose each technology
    1. The economic, social, personal and business impacts these technologies are having now and will have in the future
    1. A projection for the next two, five, ten and twenty where these technologies will be.
    1. Your personal opinion about these technologies and their impacts on the future
  2. Papers must be typed in Word format (12-point font, double spaced, one- inch margins.) 

  3. Proper grammar and spelling are expected. 
  4. You must quote your sources!  You may choose any writing style that you prefer (MLA, APA, etc.)
    A list of technologies that would apply
    1. Artificial intelligence
    1. Virtual and Augmented Reality
    1. Robots
    1. Big Data
    1. Block Chain
    1. Cloud computing
    1. New versions of software, including operating systems
    1. Changes in hardware
    1. Mobile devices
    1. Smart devices
    1. Biometrics
    1. 3D Printing
    1. Alternative energy
    1. Drones
    1. Biotechnology
    1. IT advances in medicine
    1. IT advances in a particular industry such as retail, manufacturing, banking, etc.
    1. Other emerging computer/information technologies

The Effects of COVID on IT/Emerging digital technologies

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