Semantic and/or Morphological Features

This assignment will be a paper on the semantic and/or morphological features of a language that is not native to you. Our text provides many examples to use as a starting point, and you will also search for information in books and journal articles. Use the APUS online library and the McCabe text as well as other academic, learned sources. Six sources are required.

The purpose of this project is to explore a second language in terms of its

1) words

2) senses

3) connotations

4) etymologies

5) meanings

6) semantic relations and/or the roots

7) affixes

8) inflections

9) derivations

10) parts of speech

11) lexical categories

12) morphological structures

There are two options for this final paper:

1. Prepare a scholarly research paper on a second language, dealing with any topic of your choosing which specifically relates to the studies in this course. You may choose one of the forum topics and expand on it, or you may choose another topic from our reading. Be careful to reword anything taken from your forum posts because forum posts and assignments are submitted to throughout the semester, and there is the potential for unoriginal content even if the work is your own.


2. Prepare a scholarly research paper in which you explore a second language in terms of three different or interrelated elements. You might choose from its words, senses, connotations, etymologies, meanings, semantic relations and/or the roots, affixes, inflections, derivations, parts of speech, lexical categories, or morphological structures.

You must give citations and avoid plagiarizing!

Your document will automatically be submitted to upon submission. Note that assignments that have too high a percentage of similarity will be asked to be revised, and/or be submitted for a plagiarism charge. Note that this Assignment is expected to be your own work.

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